RULE:  Our communication tool is English.            FEE:  Free of Charge .  DUTY:  No obligation. Free to join and free to leave .  TOPIC: Handouts can be downloaded from this website a week before.   Anyone is welcomed to be a presenter.  Notice! Kunitachi Debate is held only online due to Covid-19 concern. Every Saturday,  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm  ➙ Join July 31, 2021      Presenter : Shingo Yamazaki Proposition : If North Korea and Japan Went to War, More South Koreans Would Back Kim Jong Un, Poll Shows Download :   KD20210731 July 24, 2021       Presenter : Koichi Shimabukuro  Proposition : Dream can tell your mental condition. Download :   KD20210724 July 17, 2021      Presenter : Masanori Oda  Proposition : Can China’s advancement of quantum science satellite (QSS) in space and of quantum computer enable the country to surpass U.S. militarily? Download :  KD20210717     References :  China's quantum science (Okada 2019)       China's QSS (Aoki 2021)