RULE:  Our communication tool is English.            FEE:  Free of Charge .  DUTY:  No obligation. Free to join and free to leave .  TOPIC: Handouts can be downloaded from this website a week before.   Anyone is welcomed to be a presenter.  The Kunitachi Debate is held simultaneously at the  Kunitachi Community Center as well as on Skype  Time : 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm To join Skype, please click  JOIN August 20, 2022   Presenter : Shingo Yamazaki Proposition : The new isolationism of Japan, are we ok or not? Download :  KD20220820             Reference :   Japan's Endless Border Closure                                                                                 Why is Japan tightening rules just as other countries are relaxing them? August 13, 2022   Presenter : Eiji Kimura Proposition : Do you think Japan will be able to increase the number of foreign people from 1.9% to 10% to support Japanese economy? Download :   KD20220813           Reference :  Japan Immigration Statist